My Experience With... The Lego Batman Movie (LAST POST OF 2017!)

Awww, yeah, here we go!
Out of the disappointments and into
what we've been waiting for!
As you may have read previously (specifically in the Lego’s Batman: The Movie review), I am not much of a superhero-genre-watcher. It’s interesting, just not my immediate style. I do like the How It Should Have Ended series, mainly for its comedy, and the fact that these superheroes often stay in their superhero form. Speaking of comedy and superhero genre, I finally got my hands on a free rental for The Lego Batman Movie.
While Princess Unikitty is without a doubt my absolute favorite character from The Lego Movie, Lego Batman was probably the coolest, and my second favorite. When I first heard he was getting his own movie, I was ecstatic! My poor parents did not share in my excitement. Oh, it’s not that they disliked The Lego Movie, there’s just a generation chasm. My mom is not necessarily one for Legos or modern animated films, and my Dad is not necessarily one for Legos or post-Adam West…

My Experience With... Perms

Lots of memes today.
Okay. There are a few posts on this blog that have addressed hair and hair problems. I want to bring up the topic at least one more time. 
Growing up, I had a pretty common hairstyle of young girls:

(Uhh... what the heck, Snoop?)
Ah those were the days. I didn't get a whole lot of chemicals put into my hair back then, but if one of those barrettes came out, there went my hairstyle... and I knew Mom wouldn't be too happy.
Eventually, my hair decided to change. For those of you who don't know, there comes a point in the kinky-haired child's life, when the hair changes in texture and consistency, usually from soft, wavy, and easy to style, to the biggest pain in the neck (literally!) you will ever experience. The age of the person whose hair turns, as it is called, varies from person to person. You'll know especially when the child really starts crying (see above meme), and the stylist (often the mother) screams, "THAT'S IT! I'M GETT…

My Experience With... Lego's Batman: The Movie (DC Super Heroes Unite)

Shall I continue with disappointments?

I am not what you might call a total fan of the whole DC / Marvel Superhero genre. I don’t hate it, but I’m not the type to rush to watch a midnight viewing. Then again, I’m not in a rush to even rent such movies from Redbox. That’s what internet jokes and YouTube channels are for. However, I did find Lego Batman to be my favorite character in The Lego Movie, and I definitely wanted to see The Lego Batman Movie. So, I found my opportunity! I went to the library and saw a DVD, and picked it up.
There was one problem. You know how sometimes you think something’s one thing, when it’s really something ever so slightly different? What I thought was The Lego Batman Movie turned out to be Lego's Batman The Movie. I decided to watch it, anyway, just for the heck of it.

Fun fact: this movie came out a year before The Lego Movie. I’d never even known it existed.
The movie starts off with a pretty cool lego-themed background (revealed to be the bat sign…