My Experience With... Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye

Hey, everyone! Round 2 of Pax week!

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I don't know for certain at what point in my history that I took up a casual interest in ASL (I know I was a little kid when I got an ASL dictionary), but I think Sue Thomas F.B.IEye definitely increased my interest.

The show centers on Sue Thomas, a deaf woman who ends up being an F.B.I agent. She has a best friend / roommate named Lucy, who learns ASL / interprets for Sue from time to time, and an adorable Golden Retriever named Luke. The show hosts a slew of other characters including a cute love interest named Jack; the ever-snobby but golden-hearted Bobby; wise Dimitrius, Myles, whose character escapes me right now; and Tara, the computer whiz of the group.

One cool thing about the show is that Sue Thomas is played by Deanne Bray, who is actually deaf in one ear, with residual hearing in the other.

Yeah, I just looked it up. You would've, too.

While a hearing (non-deaf) person playing a deaf person would've been just as cool, it was nice that they actually got someone at least hard of hearing.

In any case, it was a good mixture of heavy (enough) drama... somewhere between Adam-12 and Law & Order (the original series), plus lots of light-hearted comedy. Plus a LOT of ASL stuff. I learned words like "lazy" and "horse," and I know the difference between "shoes" and "sausages," as well as "coffee" and "make out."

You've gotta watch those episodes, they're amazing.

Sue Thomas also featured way more than Sue Thomas herself as far as deaf people. Several episodes featured ASL conversations. In fact, one of my favorite moments in the series was when Sue was arguing with another deaf person about something, and they panned the camera back and forth like an intense argument between hearing people, and put in subtitles, so you could understand. It was great because you felt the intensity, while only hearing the occasional brush between hands.

I kinda miss this show. I don't remember it as much as I do Doc, but I remember watching those two back to back every Sunday night during my tween years. And they used to advertise the HECK out of that combo. I'm surprised there wasn't a crossover... or at least one that I can remember.

Deanne Bray is still very active in her work, and episodes can be found on YouTube.

There go my plans for the next four years. ^_^

Next week, I'm laying off the drama and introducing the absolute coolest, wildest, wackiest, most amazing game show ever to grace the airwaves!!!!


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What's your favorite language that you don't speak natively? Can you sign?

My Experience With... Doc

I have mentioned before that ALF helped me in my TV transition from more juvenile shows to more mature programming. Since I only saw a few episodes in my early youth, I obviously needed a lot more help.

Enter PAX TV!

Welcome to the PAX Mini-Series.

PAX (which became Independent, then Ion television), was a then-small station which featured family-friendly programming, small game shows, and Christian/faith-themed shows -- plus a ton of infomercials -- back in the late 90s and early 00s. Shows like It's A Miracle, Touched by an Angel, Diagnosis Murder, The Weakest Link, and Shop 'Til You Drop were some of the shows that were aired on the station, and that's only to name a few. I did watch quite a bit of their shows, but for this miniseries, I'll introduce you to two of my favorite dramas and one game show.

Part 1: Doc.

The show was the BOMB back in the day! I remember spending Sunday nights from 8-10 watching this show and another show (that I shall feature this week). Doc lasted from 2001 to 2004, and centered on a country doctor named Clint Cassidy who moved from Montana to New York. He's charming, warm, loving, a winner among patients... and HE WAS SMOKING HOT!!!! Keep in mind, these were the days before I started watching Hannah Montana, so I didn't think of him as Miley's daddy.


His trials and triumphs are usually found among his friends and colleagues, most of them at Westbury Clinic. Nancy, the gorgeous blonde nurse who pretty much everyone shipped with Clint; Derek, a loveable doctor with a heart of gold and a miracle baby (I'm not putting out anything else here, you've gotta watch the show); Oliver, the doctor who despises Clint for whatever reason; Donna, the boss who is definitely a type-A personality, which makes her so much funnier when she cuts loose for one reason or another; Tippy, a perky rich divorcee who's every bit as ditsy as you could think of; Nate and Beverly, a cop and his wife; and Raul, their adopted son.

This was my favorite show for a long, long time. With a Christian theme throughout, I knew I was getting a great moral along with an awesome drama / comedy. It was kind of funny how real some of the scenarios felt to me; I almost prayed for some of the "patients" sometimes!

I was kind of sad when the series itself ended, but I thought it was a nice, satisfying ending.

Years passed, until this past July. My mother informed me that they were airing reruns on getTV.

Yup. You guessed it!

It all came flooding back to me! My childhood, the music, the Sunday nights, my initial attraction to Doc Cassidy, the letters at the end of the show, the diary entries that spawned from this... the only thing I could say is that the cinematography wasn't as brilliant as I remembered it. I didn't care. I still watch it to this day. ^_^ If you can catch it, you should totally watch it. It's a rather cute, uplifting show that's worth the time.

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What do you wish could be brought back from your childhood?

My Experience With... Robots (film)

This movie was interesting for me. I definitely wanted to see this when I first saw the trailers. However when I saw it.... ehh. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't going to make my top 10. Heck, not even top 50.

Robots takes place in a land where pretty much everything is sentient in some way, shape or form, as long as it's mostly metal. I wouldn't do like many critics and think too much about the semantics on what's animate and what's inanimate. For one thing, your brain would hurt. For another thing, it would probably kill half the jokes in this picture. The story starts with a dishwasher named Herb Copperbottom who is excited to become a father. He and his wife literally build their baby boy, Rodney. The family is an average working-class family, and Rodney usually gets hand-me-downs as upgrades as he gets older.

In Rodney's youth, he gets inspired at a parade honoring a famous CEO named Bigweld, whose company hires and promotes inventors. From that point on, Rodney focuses on his inventions, many of which are failures, but his spirit never dampens. He even makes a little robot named Wonderbot to help out his dad. When Wonderbot malfunctions, he nearly costs his dad his job. It's at that point that Rodney makes the decision to move to the big city and work for Bigweld. His parents are reluctant but let him go.

Rodney arrives in Robot City and tries to get into the door, but gets shut out by the doorkeeper. After several futile attempts, Rodney loses a part, which gets stolen by a robot named Fender, who is voiced by the late great Robin Williams. He is part of a group of outmodes (robots whose parts are no longer manufactured) that is taken care of by Aunt Fanny.

"Why do you call her Aunt Fanny?"
"Can't call her Aunt Booty."

It turns out that Bigweld Industries is not the company it once was in its heyday, and Bigweld is nowhere to be found. It is run by a VP named Ratchet, who is only concerned with upgrades. He's also manipulated by the psychotic mother to end all psychotic mothers. No, seriously. She makes Madea seem sane.

So why wouldn't I like this movie? Zoom ahead in time over ten years: I watched it again more recently (it was part of a DVD package with Fantastic Mr. Fox) and I cracked up! The movie was pretty good (again, not top 50, but still good), Fender was hilarious, the pop culture references certainly were dated, but still funny... I guess I was not a big fan about some of the more *ahem* mature humour featured. I'm still not totally crazy about it, but I wouldn't completely discount the movie. It's a PG film, but I think it's actually earned its rating. I would say that this is great for older teens, at least. Either my taste in movies changed from over 10 years ago, or I saw different elements that I liked better.

Who'd've thought? (<<--- And yes, that is technically correct spelling.)

And of course, this:

I think this was my favorite part, even back then.

What is something you like that you didn't like years ago?

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My Experience With... Infusium 23 (New School)

If you remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, back, you'll remember that one of my first posts (in fact my first real post), I wrote about Wen® Hair Care Sweet Almond Mint. It messed my hair up, and then I tried (and wrote about) old school Infusium, and how it rescued my hair.

Since then, my hair grew back... and then I tried washing my hair with African Black Soap and Castile Soap. My hair got messed up again. Apparently, they weren't kidding when they said that stuff was highly concentrated.

Never experiment with multiple products simultaneously, by the way.

Once again, it was back to the old drawing board. Infusium 23 came back up. Only this time, we got it from Wal-Mart.

Yes. This exact bottle. I think. Its shape was the same.

Once again, after texturizing (gosh, I don't like that stuff, even though it does work on my hair), we used this stuff. At first I was leery because it wasn't the 80s version, and usually when a hair product changes its looks, it changes its ingredients so that a perfect product no longer works (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, SUAVE AND CREME OF NATURE!).

Believe it or not, this product saved my hair again. My hair felt soft, manageable, and styleable! I used it for a while, until it just stopped working in my hair. The thing with Infusium 23, for me anyway, is that it works as damage control for the hair. Strange how that works. I still have a little bit of this stuff on hand, my hair's juuuust past my shoulders, and all is right with the world. And I've stopped experimenting with products. That might've been the biggest factor in my hair health, along with the fact that I stopped shampooing so frequently.

What's your favorite / least favorite thing about your hair? What's your craziest hairstyle?

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My Experience With... Sing

Okay, the reason I called this movie Zootopian Idol was mainly because I thought Illuminionation (I know what I wrote!) was pulling a DreamWorks. Id est, jumping on Disney's coattails to make an "edgy" version of a children's film. 1) Zootopia was actually pretty edgy on it's own, and I personally thought Sing was a little more palatable or for children. 2) I'm not sure if even Dreamworks is doing that to Disney anymore.

Without further babbling, Ew, Minion Nation's Sing.

Does anybody else see the koala for the first time?

Illumination Entertainment, mostly known for those awful yellow Dr. Mario pills, the Minions (don't get me wrong, I actually did like the first Despicable Me, when those Demon Loompas were more in the background and more disposable than some generic Legos) came out with the movie at the end of the tumultuous (for Americans) year 2016. This was a movie I wasn't particularly eager to see. It looked fun, but I wasn't sure (based on the trailer) how fun. I saw the part where that one pig was dancing to Bambodeya Mambodega Lambo-Leya Bamboleo. You know, that Spanish song that another, more famous cartoon character was dancing to:

I watched the movie and.... there is no possible way I could even dislike this movie. Is it cheesy? As heck. Is it dated? Fo' shizzle.  Are the character stereotypes and plot points played out more than a child's favorite talking toy? You bet your sweet bippy.

So what in the world causes me to like this somewhat predictable movie? For one thing, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm a sucker for musicals. This movie for me is kinda like the song by Silento, Watch Me. It called out some classic elements and turns it all into something fun and light-hearted in a crazy, crazy world. Sing does ultimately do what a movie is supposed to do: take you out of your real world for a short period of time and make your life a little bit better.

Let's start with the main characters.

Buster Moon is a koala who, from a young age, was in love with all things musical theatre. His Dad helped him open his theatre, and no shows of great acclaim had been produced inside it. The money runs low, and he needs a quick idea to save the place. He decides to have a local singing competition to bring in a large audience. He sets the prize at $10,000 (which he composes with some money and other valuables), but due to an accident involving his secretary's (Ms. Crawly) glass eye, the prize is set at $100,000, and the flyers get literally blown across the city. The adventures that follow give Buster a new sense of personal growth as well as remind him why he wanted to work in theatre in the first place.

And that's why I like to call this Zootopian Idol.

Makes sense, no?

Six more main characters find flyers (along with the rest of the town).

Rosita is a mother pig with her hooves full. She's got 25 piglets, which keep her attention away from her dreams of being a performer, as well as her husband, who loves her, but the spark is clearly gone from their marriage. While she's a terrific singer, she lacks moxie in her performance, so she's paired up with an over-the-top performer pig named Gunter.

Gee.... A flashy performer named Gunter...
I wonder where they got that idea--


Johnny is a gorilla with a heart of gold, and a voice to match. His obstacle is his Dad. Mainly because his Dad is a Gang leader, and Johnny is set to be next in line. His dedication to music soon costs him more than he could imagine.

Mike is a crooner / saxophone player who is as talented as he is a bully. The little white pipsqueak is unabashedly in it for the money, glory, fame, and status.

Did I mention he's voiced by Seth MacFarlane?

Ash was originally part of an amateur punk duo with her boyfriend, but Buster chooses her for her dynamic range. While she is not particularly happy about this, she decides to enter the contest anyway, looking to use the prize money to start a record label with her boyfriend. Unfortunately for her, her relationship with her boyfriend breaks up shortly after the duo breaks up. Doubly unfortunately for her, Buster wants her to do a cheesy pop number for the competition. Ash has to learn to cope with a breakup and find her true voice in her madness.

Meena is a young girl elephant who has quite the amazing voice (anybody ever see Tori Kelly on Star Search, btw? I don't remember her for some reason.), but is too shy to perform, despite her family having her back. She flops at the audition due to stage fright, but when her parents urge her to return to get into the competition, she chickens out again, becoming a stage hand instead of a performer. She eventually learns what courage is to bring down the house.

Those album covers are awesome.

I gotta say, this has to be my favorite part of the movie, as well as the reason I find it charming. (Mad about the twerking bunnies, though.) It really does appeal to a HUGE audience and multiple generations. Music does a wonderful thing to the psyche and the soul, I believe, and even showing a few clips can bring back all kinds of wonderful emotions and memories, plus this 

The little menagerie tries to get the competition off the ground, but there are many setbacks along the way. Again, I do not feel like giving away the ending of this or many more details. I say watch it for yourself, especially if you love music.

What's a crazy thing you've always wanted to try? If you worked for yourself, what would you do? And if you've ever auditioned, what was your favorite audition story / role?

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My Experience With... Zootopia

Well, I'm on a roll here! This is the third movie post in a row that features (in my opinion), a fun family movie that's safe and challenging for all ages!

I saw all the trailers and promos for this and didn't really know what to make of it. I'm pretty sure I wanted to watch it, though. It looked really cute. It seemed like kind of a standard story: small town girl has big city dreams / cop movie. I actually was excited enough to spend $2 to rent this at my local library (mine does that for new releases).

Wow. I was SHOCKED at the material covered, plus how well it was covered.

Zootopia starts off with an elementary school play, where Judy Hopps (who is not at all voiced by Holly Robinson Peete) and a few of her friends put on a play about how in the city of Zootopia, all animals are equals, and any animal can do anything. Judy also expresses her dream of being a cop, despite the fact that the entire enforcement is made up of predators. The only problem for her is that she lives in a small town that still has a huge preditor/prey division. Judy grows up and eventually moves to Zootopia, and actually becomes the first Prey to be in the police force. However, she becomes a meter maid, which is nowhere near what her dreams were.

Through the movie you see Judy's progression as she learns about her job, solves a case with a fox renegade named Nick Wilde, climbs to a respectible position in the force, and learns about prejudice all along the way. Of course, everybody knows that one scene with the sloths:

The movie was excellent, and if you want to know more about what happens to Judy and Nick, I'd suggest that you watch it. What I especially love about it is that it has that small charm of being good for kids to watch while still being challenging for all ages.

I give it two paws up.

Okay! Here:

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What's your fave animal?

Next week.... a movie that I like to call: Zootopian Idol! Can you guess what it is?

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Hey, guys! Due to poor planning on my part, I don't have Zootopia ready for this week.

I will, however, have it ready by next week. In the meantime, take a nice break, and I'll see you July 14th!

Download this old program, too. It's rather amazing!

See you!

Also, since July 4th just happened... this!

How was your July 4th?