My Experience With... Mousehunt and Kangaroo Jack

My Experience With... Mousehunt and Kangaroo Jack.
I’ve mentioned before that I really like cheap entertainment, and that I have found DVD combinations in Food Lion such as Cats Don’t Dance / Quest for Camelot and Fantastic Mr. Fox / Robots. However, not all combinations are created equal. Or even good, in the case of Bride Wars / 27 Dresses (no, seriously, I just want Bride Wars). Some combinations just look like an apocalypse in a case, such as…
*deeeep, sucking-through-teeth inhale*
Mousehunt / Kangaroo Jack.

My GOSH, if there were ever a cinematic duo so abysmal, it would be these two. And oddly enough, I somehow still have fondness of the first one rather than the second one.
I’m only going by memory here, folks. No way am I about to watch these two masterflunks again.

I originally recall catching the end of Mousehunt on TV with my Mom, and it seemed really cute. The mouse was adorable, and the closure seemed perfectly apropos to a family movie. So we bought it. Or rented it. O…

My Experience With... Courageous (the novel)

This is not the first time I’ve written anything about the Kendrick Brothers. In fact, here are links to the series:
FlywheelFacing the GiantsFireproofCourageousWar RoomBonus:Priscilla Shirer(currently my second most viewed blog post)

My favorite movie of the original Kendrick Brothers’ quintilogy is Courageous, hands down. It has it all: 5 distinct protagonists, an excellent supporting cast, great morals, and an awesome mixture of drama and comedy. Well, Randy Alcorn (a very popular Christian author) apparently saw it and decided to ramp it up to 1000. This is Courageous, the novel.
Now, if you’ve seen the movie or read my blog post (this was back when I put spoilers in my posts), you should know that the overall story arcs are the same. You have 5 main characters with different walks of life and perspectives about fatherhood. Four of them work together on the police force, and the fifth met them through a divine chance meeting / accident. Adam Mitchell: the “main” main catalyst charac…

My Experience With... Adventures in Wonderland (Alice part 5)

Well, I've finished the majority of the Alice series. Technically, that's all I can say about Alice in Wonderland. How about something based off the original whimsy, and is totally the opposite of the Tim Burton film that'll be sure to have a cult following in 20 years?

Alice series:
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TA-DA! TODAY'S THE MYSTERY BLOG POST! (Plus, virtual high-five to the first to get where this came from.)

I canNOT express enough how much I love the 1988 movie, but this is my absolute 2nd-favorite Alice-related media. If Disney's movie was a snapshot of…